Our Mission

FSAA is committed to working
together to provide the highest quality
systems, products and services to
the aviation industry through our
experience, innovation and integrity.
SAFETY Act Certified

Since 2008, Five Star Airport Alliance is proud to have
been designated and certified as a Qualified
Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) under the SAFETY
act by the U.S.Department of Homeland Security.
The QATT is technology designed, developed, modified,
procured or sold for the purpose of preventing,
detecting, identifying or deterring acts of terrorism.
Currently, Five Star Airport Alliance is the only
baggage handling systems provider to continually
maintain this designation and certification.

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News and Events

Five Star Airport Alliance(FSAA) was
selected by Turner Construction
Company to supply and install
a temporary Baggage Handling
System (BHS) to allow for
the relocation of existing
baggage makeup operations,
for a critical building connector project
at Los Angeles International Airport
(LAX), Terminal 4.


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